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Use these files to help you write that killer application. Stay tuned, this page is likely to change. Write me with some of your tips and tricks.

How To

Bit Converter
What does all that %101 mean?
Unit of Measure Calculator
How many bytes does it take to make a sector?
Job Stepping
If you are not a fan of cutting and pasting job streams, this is the recovery method for you.
Foptions, Aoptions, and Dispositions
So how does the 10011001's tell MPE how to build and access files.

VESOFT Scripts

Need to recreate your account structures
This script will create a job, that builds the given account, for each account on your system.
Running MPEX
This script will let you run MPEX and save your commands to a temp file.
Programming your function keys
If you ever wanted to program your function keys easly, here's the script for you.
Create a report of all aborted jobs
This job stream uses MPEX to create a daily report of aborted job streams.
Another report of all aborted jobs
This job stream creates an hourly report of aborted job streams.
Control the jobs/sessions that are aborted
If you have a nightly process that needs to abort user jobs, this script will do that. It also does not abort these jobs/sessions that you do not want aborted. Great for Smith & Gardener clients.
Ecometry Clients: see which code accounts your data accounts use
This MPEX script makes managing multiple code accounts a little easier.
A LISTF format that sorts by sectors
If you need to cleanup those big files, this is the LISTF format for you.
Macs Users: Make sure that your v-macs security is up to snuff
This script will match the users in the macs account with the users that are set up inside macs.
Account Volume Report
This script will create a list of groups that are not in the same volume set as the PUB group, of your account.
SYSPRNT: Get more info from your PAGEHEAD option
This script is the same print script from VESOFT. There is a difference between PRINT and SYSPRNT. SYSPRNT includes your system CPU name in the heading.
Moving a group from one volume, to another
This script uses VEAUDIT. If you have an account that has several groups on another volume, this will move those groups to the volunme you want.

MPE Scripts

This script allows you to change your system limits without forgetting what they were.

COBOL Routines

JCL Streams


DBWASTE: Converts a HOWMESSY file to a webpage
HOWMESSY creates a report and a file. DBWASTE reads the file and creates a webpage from the data. Here is an example. Here is the job stream. It's a STREAMX job (VESOFT). (Reflections WRQ Labeled Format)
New version: GODXL
This "GOD" program does what most others do not. When this program is run, it sends a message to the console. This message tells who is now "GOD". (Reflections WRQ Labeled Format)
LOGREADR: The system log file reader
LOGREADR can read through your logfiles in no time. You can search for the console messages from jobs, sessions, or strings. (ZIP file format)
KILLJOB: Control your job failures
Take full control of your batch jobs, even their failures. If there is a condition that is not acceptable, Run KILLJOB. Not only does it cause your job to fail, but it sends a message to SYSLOG. Messages are sent as "USER.ALERT". (WRQ file format)
QUAD: HP3000 Editor
The latest version of the popular editor (WRQ label format)
Telamon Utilities
Many of the utilities and scripts, on the page, use freeware programs from Telamon. Check them out.
QCTerm from AICS Research, Inc
"QCTerm is a full-function HP700/92 terminal emulator, very similar to the other currently available terminal emulators. The only difference is that QCTerm carries no cost and may be freely distributed to as many users as you wish." You can download this from their web site.


A job to archive and purge old spoolfiles
With this job stream, you can keep your spoolers clean. At the same time, keep output available to your users.
The job that will resync your shadowed files and databases
This job, when supplied with the out of sync file names, will restore and re-sync your shadow files and databases.